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MythoEasy PRS pallet wrapper with a patented arm.

The Atlanta Mytho-Easy is easy to operate, save, heavily build and provided with high grade components. The PRS-system features a easy opening to process the foil quickly and safely. Program the right wrapping power electronically with a turn switch. We are happy to calculate how much and how fast you can save with this unique machine.

  • Turning table Ø1.650 mm, for Euro- & Blok pallets
  • Turning table stops in the starting position
  • Soft-start and stop turning table
  • It can hold a maximum cargo weight of 2.000 kg
  • Max height 2.400 mm
  • Movable with a forklift truck
  • Compactly build
  • 230 volt
  • Stretch of 270%; 1 meter foil becomes 3.7 meter of foil
  • Better pallet stability
  • Cost reduction
Article number Dimensions in mm Type Color Quality Weight in kg PU Quantity Your price Quantity Your price Quantity* Your price Order
2994   2698x2155x2500 max loaded 2000kg with 250% front stretch grs / yellow turntable 1650mm 375 1 piece 1 € 7.490,00
* For larger quantities prices on request 0